Q: How do I keep ducks out of my pool?

Place basketballs in the pool and make sure to scare them away as soon as you see them or they will keep coming back.

Q: What type of landscape should I have by the pool?

River rocks as ground cover in the planters to keep debris from entering pool. Palm trees are good but do not put any plants that can live in the water. Cut back any landscape that can drop debris into the pool because it makes it difficult to maintain chemicals and cleanliness of the pool.

Q: Do you service above ground pools?

No, we only service in ground pools.

Q: Should I allow my dog(s) in the pool?

NO - One dog in a pool is equal to the contamination of 50 people. (Lowry, 2003)

Q: I want to remodel my pool or build a pool in my backyard but I don't have the money on hand can you help me?

Yes, we have two finance companies that we work with, Golden Way Financial and Lyon Financial (some restrictions apply). They offer a very reasonable interest rate.

Q: What areas do you do remodels and new construction in?

We do remodels and build new pools in the San Diego County area.

Q: What type of things can you remodel on a pool?

You can change the surface of the pool, mastic, coping, tile, and add all sorts of features such as a waterfall or slide. The equipment can be up-dated such as your pump, filter, valves, or heater. The possibilities are limitless.

Q: Why is my pool cloudy?

Cloudy pool water is caused by the presence of suspenended particulate matter. Suspended particulate matter is: contamination from swimmers, dirt, silt, organic matter, algae, suntan oils and lotion, bacteria and protozoa, and minerals and metals. Two other common causes of pool water cloudiness are improper filtration and lack of a sanitizer such as chlorine. (SeaKlear Terry Arko, 2005)

Q: Why is it important to have water clarity?

Water clarity in pools and spas is important for three reasons: appearance, disease prevention, and swimmer safety. (SeaKlear Terry Arko, 2005)

Q: Why is my hair green?

This is not caused from too much chlorine in the pool. It can be caused from excess ions in the pool which can mean your pool chemicals are not balanced properly.

Q: What type of chemicals do you use to clean a pool?

We use chlorine, muradic acid, soda ash, phosphate remover, conditioner, D.E. - diatomaceous earth, chlorine tablets and what ever it takes to get your pool sparkling.

Q: Are the test strips as good as the 4 in 1 kit?

No. The 4 in 1 definitely can give you more accurate readings.

How does your monthly billing work?

Invoices are sent out on the 25th of each month and are due by the 15th of the following month. If payment is not received by the 15th, a $15.00 late fee will be applied to your bill and service may be interrupted. If you have any problems paying your bill, please contact us so that we can work with you. You can also take advantage of our credit card service. We accept MasterCard®, Visa® and Discover.®

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