Clear Blue Pool Services

We will service your pool once a week, usually on the same day every week. If minor repairs are needed you will be notified and it will appear on your next statement.

If any major repairs are needed such as filters or pump motors you will be notified of cost, and repairs will not be made without your approval.

We like to give our customers the best price possible on all types of parts and supplies. We try to keep cost below retail.

We also have access to purchase various pool accessories (floating chairs, toys, etc.) so please let us know if you would like prices on these items.

Monthly service charges include, but are not limited to:

  • Test and balance chemicals
  • Empty pump basket
  • Test for phosphates
  • Empty skimmer basket
  • Top net
  • Vacuum as needed
  • Bottom net
  • Backwash filter
  • Brush steps
  • Adjust cleaner
  • Brush walls
  • Inspect pool equipment
  • Two filter cleans per year
  • Stabilizer, phosphate remover, shock and algae treatment




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Association of Pool and Spa Professionals - Certified Service Professional
Did you know...

During time of bad weather (rain, winds, fire, etc.) it may take as many as two service calls to get your pool back to its normal beautiful luster. Please remember there could be an additional charge if your pool is extremely dirty due to weather and needs above and beyond chemicals and cleaning.

Our Customers Say...

This is my third pool. James has been great and fixing all my pool problems for six plus years. He is the best!

G. Swan

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