What We Do

Clear Blue Pools offers a variety of services:

  • All-inclusive monthly service pricing
  • Calcium removal
  • Full equipment repairs
  • Pool toys and games
  • Pentair/Sta-Rite warranty center
  • Bonded, Licensed and Insured

Don't pay another day for poor pool service or struggle on your own!

Benefits To You

Pool season is here and it's time to be prepared. Was your pool more green than clean this past summer? Do you have a service company that corrects the problem or gives you excuses? Do you care for your pool yourself and are frustrated with trying to balance the chemicals? If you are having any of these issues you should call Clear Blue Pools.

Who We Are

Clear Blue Pools is a reliable, educated, and honest company that cares about your backyard investment. Please remember that all companies are not the same. Let us come out and give you a free water analysis and system check.

Why are we different?

Clear Blue Pools cares about our customers and their unique needs. We are licensed and bonded to protect our customers as well as ourselves. Clear Blue Pools is always only a telephone call away.

Pentair Pool Products

Association of Pool and Spa Professionals - Certified Service Professional

Pool Maintenance

Topics include water chemistry, different water issues, the Title 20 Law, vacuum repairs and general questions.

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FREE Energy Audit

Is your pool pump costing you money? Get a FREE Energy audit and see how much you could save by simply upgrading your pump.

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The Truth About...

Two-Speed Pumps
Why they are fundamentally incapable of the phenomenal energy savings of new, programmable, variable-speed pumps.

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